Your Gemini New Moon Horoscope

My first ever horoscope! I've thought about this endeavor for many years and so it seems that the time has come. I'm going through some big life changes myself and astrology has always been a good friend to me. I like the idea of new moon horoscopes, because new moons are a good time to pause and reflect, take an inward peek and look at what needs nurturing. My goal is to publish a new horoscope monthly. Depending upon the response, I may try it more often. So, I welcome your comments and feedback. Hopefully you will find a little gem of a phrase to help you through an uncertain moment.
many, a thousand, thanks, *elizabeth**

The new moon in Gemini (13°34') begins Tuesday, June 3rd, 12:22 PM PDT. The following horoscopes are for sun signs.

Aries: Try to relax and see if you get more from doing less. Just for now. Don't get off the horse. Just stop with all the forward momentum. People are too used to your apparently endless supplies of energy. But you are in fact finite. What people and places really support you and don't expect you to do all the work? Look ahead toward the goal and figure out what kind of boundaries might really serve you and start setting them now.

Taurus: Even you dear Taurus are capable of change. Look around. There are signs of new growth. Scale back the overgrowth- what doesn't work for you. Continue to nourish what does work. Acknowledge your accomplishments. Let the sun feed you and you may find that it reveals an unexpected new passion. You have nothing to fear. Take a chance. But watch the temper.

Gemini: Could you get any busier or have more projects in play? You seem to have taken multi-tasking into even higher dimensions. You have an innate ability to comprehend the big picture- in all its complexity. Now is the time to give yourself a day or two to take it all in and reassess your goals. Try to discern what is real from what is overactive daydreaming. If you feel like you can handle it all, you probably can. If you're feeling stretched thin, put off what isn't immediately important. Deal with what is real, what you can touch with your hands. Some of those daydreams just need time for the material world to catch-up with you.

Cancer: Thank you Cancer for being so emotionally intelligent. Here comes your season and I give you permission to let it be all about you. This could mean a bon fire on the beach with only your best friends or unplugging the phone and staying home after telling everyone you've gone to Vegas. However you decide, use this time to let go (you can do it!) of whatever tensions and false obligations are holding you back from what you truly want. What you want is important too! That might be a little scary, but it's time for a change and you can't be worrying about everyone else just now. Also, all those creative projects you've been sitting on? People want to see them. Consider a trip...

Leo: Now what, Leo? Everything has been set properly in motion and admit it- even you could not be more satisfied with the results. You're making the right decisions, playing to your incredible strengths. You and your many talents are more than sufficient for any complications that may arise. AND you're perfectly dressed to boot! Let some contentment wash over you, bask in the glow, and trust the momentum you have set. Follow it through to the end you know you deserve. Just keep your head up and your eyes open, lest you miss an opportunity to make a good situation even better.

Virgo: Who have been your most trusted teachers and consistent advisers? Think back and try to recall what lessons have tested true time and again. It's time to test them out for yourself. Take those teachings and prepare to wield them as your own. You may need to write them down. Something new is beginning and you have to know that you are well equipped to handle the adventure. What do you want to see in the world? Of course, you know how it can be better. Trust your vision and go for it! Try openness. And the world will respond in kind. I dare you.

Libra: Wise one. All that studying is starting to pay off. When people need answers- you're the one they are turning to. Even better, you're undaunted by the responsibility. Keep up the confidence! Is there any reason to doubt yourself? Brush up on your research, continue to find the teacher in everyone, and give credit where credit is do. In the mean time, that even bigger project you're so excited about– it's continuing to materialize. Examine closely for weaknesses. Prepare for arrival. Imagination. Strategy. Patience. Trust.

Scorpio: You're building something! Isn't it satisfying? Don't stand in the way of what is unfolding. If it feels good, let it. The more you let it, the better it feels. Positive feedback is your friend. Also, your teachers are there for you still. And you have plenty of teaching to offer others. Don't be afraid of your questions. More importantly, don't be afraid of your answers. Share and listen. Attend to the details. Enjoy the process, including the risks. This is what you live for.

Sagittarius: There is a balance, between that higher mind of yours and your hungry, hungry, body. Try to find it and much more will come into focus. But you have to look inside. The mind and the body are not as separate as they may feel. With the right attitude, you may remember that they are the same. This month you have permission to take a step back -several steps back- and really assess the situation you're in. It's okay to be objective. In fact, you should really make the effort. Whatever answers you seek will come to you that way.

Capricorn: There was that sudden burst forward which was awesome. But it seems to have abated. Now you need to find your balance and ask yourself if that was really the direction you had intended. Try not to be too self-reliant. Be willing to compromise and work with others. It will take more than one person to sail this ship. Stay flexible and try to roll with it. Count your pennies and before you buy anything, ask yourself if it is really necessary. Chances are you'll wish you had those funds later for when you really know what you want.

Aquarius: Meditate much? There is a place inside of you where everything make sense and all parts of the grand scheme become clear. The perspective you need is not "out there" but inside. You're defensive for a reason. But try to keep in mind you're ultimate goals. I wonder why you've let yourself get so distracted. Remember those moments of deep inner tranquility? Try to keep them coming- that's when you're at your best. And the world just can't get enough of you when you are at your best. Your contribution is the essential ingredient, but you seem to have a hard time admitting it. Don't be so hard on yourself and try to let up on those closest to you- they go hand in hand.

Pisces: When was the last time you let yourself cry about it? You've been putting on the bravest face for everyone around you and we couldn't be more impressed. But the surface is hiding something, hiding everything, and in order to move forward, you're really going to have to allow yourself to feel how hurt you were. You have my permission to sob about it. Find some alone time, make a hot bath, and cry your beautiful, loving heart out. It's a gift to yourself and to the world. The loss you feel is completely real and totally understandable. Don't belittle yourself or your feelings. They're both important! The chances of really "getting over it" improve dramatically when you acknowledge the wound, instead of bravely ignoring it and pretending to move on. Even better than crying alone, there are a few close to you who would love to provide some supportive shoulders and remind you that every tear is justified. Please don't hold them back.

P.S. How-to's & Disclaimers

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”
That'd be Shakespeare. I feel like most of you readers are pretty savvy folks who don't need "how-to" horoscope instructions. But since I’m still feeling new to the whole horoscope scene, here is my friendly disclaimer...

Astrology is a useful tool for insight and perspective, but you make your own decisions- not the stars and certainly not some random astrologer! There is no knowing the future, only a growing knowledge of ourselves... Please, keep the words here that serve you. They’ll ring true, feel right, and be the easiest to remember. (Sounds kind of like “Oh yeah! I totally get that! My horoscope was so on this week! Elizabeth is rad.”) And, please, just ignore what doesn’t make sense. You’ll forget it in no time. (Makes you go “Huh? WTF is she talking about? She's high. That’s got nothing to do with me. Wonder what's up on PerezHilton...”) Somethings are difficult to hear, but if it's truly important it'll nag the back of your brain anyway, no matter how hard you try to forget. (That's not me telling you something, that's you telling you something.) For what it’s worth, I don’t give any advice that I’m not willing to take myself. I call it like I see it and I’m willing to take my own medicine too. This principle has guided me from the get. These horoscopes are a mixed geometry- invitations, observations, encouragement, caution, celestial measures, poetic intuition, lucky guesses, missed marks, surprise pointers, friendly reminders, continuous gratitude, loving language, sneaky typos, wordy run-ons, and odd sentence fragments I cannot resist. My repeated thanks for your encouragement and feedback. It's always welcome. Otherwise, this would be boring by myself!

thank you , *elizabeth**