Your Sagittarius Full Moon Horoscope

Found some time to conjure up a full moon horoscope... Forgive the typos. I'm in the middle of this Filipino Mega Mall, a mild spectacle at an internet cafe and the clock is ticking... Mercury direct on Thursday, June 19th. At last- forward motion. Make it smooth...

The full moon in Sagittarius (27°50') is on Wednesday, June 18th at 10:30 AM PDT. Look up on Tuesday night!

Aries: Be in your element, Aries. Embrace that heat. But try not to burst into flames. Is there some fantastic place you’d like to be? Not just a distant land, but maybe some unprecedented skill you want to learn? Buy a ticket or crack a big book, seek out teachers near and far. The full moon is encouraging you to explore yourself, inside and out. Longer term aspirations may become more clear to you now. Your enthusiasm is starting to find a focus. Consider those around you and look to those who really support your growth for guidance. You’re at the starting point of something. Gather your strength, focus on your goal, and make that first step super clear. Then, for the steps that follow, pace yourself- so that you have just as much energy and enthusiasm at the end as you feel right now.

Taurus: Attachment has got the better of you, Taurus. Time to sort a few things out. What do you really need? Chances are good that your most basic needs are being met, beautifully. So the question is, what do you really want? Name your heart’s desire for a start. Just a whisper, but say it out loud. Put it into words. Then you’ll realize that you’ve let a few too many distractions and bad habits confuse you. Boundaries, darlin’. Time to cut the bullsh*t. Hate to say it that way, but you know what I’m talking about. Restraint in part, release in another, and true rewards will start to materialize.

Gemini: Ooh! Love is in the air. It’s your season and yes you deserve it! This full moon finds you looking into the eyes of a very special someone. And it’s extra intense. Could be a lover, a friend, or that stunning reflection in the mirror. It’s all mirrors anyway. You know that. What is certain is that your cup is full and so is theirs. It’s a matched set and it could not be cuter! A pairing that brings it all together. Can you accept that you've found what you've been looking for? Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to let someone change you? Well, some kind of change is in your stars... and seems like for once you know what (or should I say who) you really want and where this could go. Mercury goes direct on Thursday, June 19th, let it ride.

Cancer: How are you feeling, sweetie? All I can say is “Whoa.” And I mean that in the best, most supportive way. How’s the view from there? Your intuition is ON! Don’t you love that? You’re looking after your health I hope. Not just physical health, but all the rest too? I want you to relax (Maybe a nice bath?) ‘cause you’re incubating a lot, thoroughly full, and not just of yourself. But no settling into those unhealthy patterns. I know they’re comfortable, even justifiable– but they aren’t sustainable! Not to worry. There are plenty of other people and resources making themselves available to help things along. So making better, possibly new, choices for yourself shouldn’t be that scary. Could be fun in fact. If the last few weeks felt a little rough, things are definitely going to improve. But you probably don’t need me to remind you– you sense it coming anyway.

Leo: Cha-ching! Even if you’re not rolling in it- go ahead and act like it. Or change your perspective and you’ll realize just how wealthy you’ve become. You’re loaded. You already have a reputation for being generous. Nothing makes you feel richer than giving it away, be it money, your time, your awesome company, your incredible talents, good food, nice clothes, you name it. And, you’ve gotten even better at handling (and sharing) more with more people. What ever limitations were holding you back are gone. But try to keep up on all that balance, patience, and moderation you learned. That’s what got you this far. You’re growing and so are your gifts to others. Don’t hold'em back. Summer is here- let it shine.

Virgo: Owie! Something hurts. Full moon is going to make a lot of things very clear. There’s at least one thing you're attached to that hasn’t been getting better- no matter how hard you try. (And you are so good at trying, especially when it gets difficult.) No one should doubt that you care very much. In your own way , maybe you care too much. Some thing just has to change. Could feel like loss. Sucks! Disappointment is just so... disappointing. Look at home and look at your career. Turn to children, play, and creative activity for healthy distractions. You’ve been feeling the tension of course, you kind of thrive on it. But now you need some release. You’ll understand the why eventually. Actually, you understand right now, but it doest make it hurt any less. If you feel like crying about it, no one will blame you. You’ll feel better after. Clarity and purpose are on the way

Libra: It hurts so good! That’s what we want. You’re super in touch with your feelings, but try not to go overboard with suffering if you're tempted. You don’t deserve that! Try to find the delicious medium between the completely benign (boring) and the excruciating (over it). Maybe a change in the way you’ve been thinking about things. Try some deeper introspection to get you there. A trip to someplace beautiful. Surround yourself with people you love and people you know, without a doubt, love you right back. (Lots to choose from.) A little more distance might help with your perspective. The good news is that everything is fine at home and at work. Three (not two) is your magic number for now. Keep thinking about it.

Scorpio: Well Scorpio, you did it. Can you handle the attention that comes with success? Can you handle the applause? It’s sincere. If you don’t do it now, you’re missing out on something very special. Every once in a while you have to accept the fact that you achieved your goal. You put so much effort into the trying, the effort to secure the results you want in the world– that you forget to appreciate the accomplishment. All this, right now, is an accomplishment. You’ll see. Don’t start criticizing your technique or deny yourself the feeling of victory. It’s sweet because it is short. Enjoy it. You earned it. Please! You're too good at acting like the task was so easy after the fact, but it wasn't easy from the get go and you really worked your tail off for this. Do not move on to the next thing. If you don’t know what the next thing is– good! Keep it that way for at least a month! Wait and see. Savor now. You can learn from that too.

Holding down the fort? You’re doing a damn fine job. Nothing gets past you unless you let it. Keep up the good work. You're armed, you're tough, and your vision is clear. Try to hold on to that. Lots of relationship stuff going on and you’re changing. Again. All the while you’re still the exemplar of stability. Reliable as ever. A fort. How do you do it? It’s been a long deep process and it’s still not quite over. But the end is near. Hold your ground. You’ve worked really hard to get there and I think you like it. Don't give anything up unless you want to. Really want to. This full moon is for you and a friend. Share. Ask for clarity. Offer clarity. Your wisdom is a gift.

Capricorn: A ha! You’re seeing yourself very clearly. That’s a good thing. Be honest– but be fair too. You’re grounded and in touch with your feelings. Good hair. You’ve come a long way and paint a damn fine picture. Don’t get down about what needs improving. Knowing is half the battle and you're determination is unmatched. The results you want will come, you’re ready to do the work. Or you’ll change what you’re working toward. Either way- think with a generous perspective- the biggest picture possible. Look for your reflection in other people. You’ll get more from keeping others in mind. Have any interesting dreams? Write them down.

Aquarius: You are living large. If you don’t fully recognize the incredible abundance around you, pay more attention. You’re already pretty aware of these things, but I’m just here to remind not to let the moment slide. Relish the fabulous details. You’re busy, but not too busy. Home is just the way you like it. You’re feeling healthier. Life is good and something new (something old?) is on the way. If it feels like you are moving backwards, you’re not. You of all people would not let that happen. You’re innovating through a little renovating, maybe? Everything you need is in place to support this change, project, thing you’ve been quietly working on. It’s ripening like the summer fruit. You may not be able to keep it a secret for much longer if you've been playing it down. No matter what you’ll handle everything with your usual grace and dignity. The world around you welcomes your creativity.

Pisces: Meow! Cupid strikes. If that little devil of love hasn’t found you yet, the winged archer is definitely looking for you now. The question is: Are you gonna go for it? Are you ready? It’s up to you. The world want you of all people to be in love. But you know how much hard work love can be. Are you up for another round? You’ve worked really hard to develop some stability and some emotional security. Are you willing to risk it for that ultimate prize? What are you willing to give up for something passionate and unexpected?


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