Your Capricorn Full Moon Horoscope

I just have to say that the Cancer/Capricorn full moon is one of my all time favorites– the absolute heights of summer time. Everything just seems to hum with enjoyment. Seems like everywhere I turn, it’s good food, good friends, good music. Jupiter, hanging big and bright right next to the moon on Thursday night adds further pleasure and indulgence to the summer festivities. We're fat with the good life! Feels like endless summer 2008. Anyone going on a trip? Venus stepping out into Leo certainly doesn’t hurt either. Me-ow! And purrrrrrrr... Here kitty- kitty! Should help take the edge off Mars and Saturn in Virgo, making things not only focused, practical, determined and bull-sh*t free (Out of the way with that yucky funk!), but eagerly romantic too. Win-win. Now might be a good time for everyone to update their wardrobe– just a little something to match your great ambitions– the ones that serve you and those around you... We're all gonna be putting ourselves out there. Best foot forward, folks. Why not?

Again, all my heart feelings, *elizabeth**

The full moon in Capricorn (28°04') is on Friday, July 18th at 12:59 AM PDT. Look up on Thursday night!

Aries: Maybe it’s that Venus in Leo but you are suddenly in the mood for love. The really watery, soul kind. It’s coming across as brave and uncontainable and drawing all kinds of people to you, possibly, but not limited to, a special someone. Look to this full moon for career inspiration and insight into home. You have so much to give and the will to give it. Where will you go from here? Some place with swimming, maybe.

Taurus: Full moon is drawing your attentions inward. Time to think a few things over. Review the last three months at least. Lick wounds and try to put things in place, a rearrangement that you can live with and lets you move on. Don’t get stuck. Think in a way that brings you peace and moves you forward. You know when you’re spinning the same old wheels. It makes you tired and that’s not right. Ponder thoughts with traction.

Gemini: How many pennies you got there, butterfly? Don’t let your finances weigh you down. All the riches in the world are no good if you don’t feel free. So how do you handle your finances in a way that is liberating? Without calling your survival into question? Think flow, gardens, and investment. The full moon is showing you your heart's desire and seems like you’ve got the resources to make it happen. No doubt, you doubt. It’s your nature. But big magic means big decisions and you’ve been thinking bigger than ever. Place your bets, make your play, and don’t look back.

Cancer: Goodness! What a whirlwind you’ve been. Thanks. I want you to imagine this full moon opening up right inside your head/heart. Your dance card fills up fast, but you’ll get a lot out of just a few moments of quality alone time. Get in touch with your inner resources. Clean house (metaphorical and literal) and recharge. Bit more summer left. Don’t want you burning out on us. So make sure you’re taking care of you, too.

Leo: So much to do, you. Enough, it seems, for several lifetimes. There is no apparent reason to rein it in. Go on then. Throw yourself out there. Full gallop. I seriously doubt there is anything you can’t handle right now. You’re accessing even deeper (higher?) sources of inspiration. It’s like a brand new world/you. Take care of your health, listen to your body, and you’ll been unstoppable for weeks. No one can resist you. Careful.

Virgo: You know Saturn is in your sign ‘til July 2010, right? Try not to look so excited. More than any other sign, you’ll not only get a lot out of this often difficult transit, you might kind of enjoy it. Oooh discipline! You know that the difficult paths can be the most rewarding. You relish the challenge. How much can you take? Look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. You are capable of incredible service and sacrifice, BUT we can’t have you losing yourself in the process. You’re contributions will be greatest if you can manage equal portions of devotion to yourself and everyone else. You first. Got it?

Libra: Write much? Blogging? TV Show? Some way, some how, your message needs to get out there. The things you have to say are exactly the things that need to be heard. Try it. There is little need for self-doubt or self-censorship. You’re too good of a communicator. Even when you’re worried that you’ve said the wrong thing, know you’ve said the right thing– so long as it’s your truth. You’ve gotten strong this summer. Say what you feel and stand up for your beliefs. Wisdom has your back.

Scorpio: I know. You’re having a good time too. Who isn’t? And when those around you are feeling it, it just frees you up to feel even more. You’re open and sensitive, without the dangerously vulnerable defensive part. It’s the season. I don’t want to break your stride, so try not to be distracted by what I’m about to say. Let’s consider the winter and where you see yourself 6 months from now. It has everything to do with where you are now. When things start to feel chaotic this summer and this delicious wave starts to break up a bit, focus on your goals for the winter. What’s important should become clear. Endless summer is just a reminder to appreciate the moment as fully as possible.

Sagittarius: If you’re feeling particularly in charge– it’s because you are. Keep speaking your mind. Don’t hold that brilliance back. It takes some courage, but if you encounter criticism, you’ve got the chops to hold your own. You’re independent, resourceful, gorgeous, and whip crackin’ smart– sharp enough right now to really do some damage, even. Try to let that higher mind guide you and make sure you’re getting adequate support and generous outlets for your enormous powers of persuasion. Anything that denies you your fullest self-expression needs to be addressed. You’re in charge. Doesn’t mean you can’t compromise. Just means you don’t have to. You’re enough. Know what I mean?

Capricorn: This full moon shines upon you, especially. See how well you can relax and really get a sense of what supports you. It will make everything feel more generous. Let love and enjoyment guide you. Plenty of time to get the work work done later. Sure it's important, but yesterday was just not a realistic deadline anyway. Certainly do what needs to be done. But what absolutely needs to be done might not be what you think it is. It involves communication, celebration, and a few (3?) closest to you. Maybe some wine. Invite the moon light into your home. Look around and be thankful. Cheers!

Aquarius: Pow! So much light. So much solar heat. The summer is often about seemingly unstoppable forces. Right now, you are the queen of them all. (Dear Aquarius, you’re thinking is sufficiently advanced, that even if you don’t identify as a woman, I know you recognize a queen in you still.) Rule your lands with care and enthusiasm. You’re a vision of strength and compassion, joy and unlimited potential. No doubts. Don’t let a short temper keep you from staying above petty conflict. Save that temper for the real battle. Social change! Justice! A better world! The FUTURE! It’s all about the big picture and your rightful place within it. Don’t sell yourself short.

Pisces: Life is good! Let it be good. I’m sure if you put your mind to it, you could turn up something to brood about. But this moon is all about a focus on the positive. There’s plenty of that too. You’ve made some kind of break through. Remember those tears we talked about? You’re on the other side of them now. Enjoy everything. As much as possible. Find a way to play and people to play with. Play. Not duty. Play is your duty. Even if you have to sneak it in at work. Laugh and listen closely to the sound. Try to laugh a little longer than you think you should. It’s good for those around you too. It ripples right around the earth even. The kids especially appreciate it.

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i love you soooo much. i was really strangely touched by this horoscope. tears, actual tears came to my eyes. you are my scholar hero and future muse.