more celan


with the swarm of
black stars pushing them–
selves out and away:

on to the ram's silicified forehead.
I brand this image between
the horns, in which,
in the song of the whorls, the
marrow of melted
heart-oceans swells.

to what
does he not charge?

The world is gone, I must carry you.

-Paul Celan

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Anonymous said...

Hugging someone you love

Hugging someone you love
is “I promise to die before you do;
I don’t want to hold your
hand as you lay petrified, sapped sensation, on death’s bed;
I want to die first,
I’m better at dying than you, wouldn’t you think. . . .
I can’t face the proposition
of suicide if you die; I refuse
to rely on the hope that we’ll
be together again after life;
I want to die before you, my love,
it won’t hurt to give you every
of me,
you can have me:
take my heart and lungs; take my life
I promise to die before you—it’s the one
wind I’m unable to break”

Hugging someone you love
is the extraordinary motion of finality;
a cherished purity compels
our sincerest devotions