Your Virgo New Moon Horoscope!

This new moon belongs to lovely, private, do-good, perfectionist Virgo. We continue many of the themes from the full moon but with determined purpose and pratical action. Busy, busy. Decisions decisions. We’re inspired to give our close surroundings a keen critical eye. We are moved to improve, including and especially our health and home. Saturn accompanying the sun and moon may lend our considerations extra seriousness or gravity. Although Mars, Mercury, and Venus in ever companionable Libra keep it friendly and in tune. We may be inspired to change up our more immoderate habits, clean out a drawer or a closet, give our lives a little extra elbo grease, take better care of ourselves, tend the gardens. Virgo conincides with late summer harvests. We’ll reap what we’ve sown and celebrate the results of our efforts. The results may seem mixed and unexpected. But we celebrate them anyway! Then prepare for fall. (Back to school?) Jupiter still retrograde in Capricorn keeps giving me this nagging feeling that there’s much to do and it doesn’t seem to quite get done. It a good time then to get clarity about what those things are, to-do lists, priorities, time tables. Virgo rings with sacrifice and letting go– and the reward that comes with that too. What would you be willing to give up to realize a little heaven on earth? Virgo is still asking. Heaven starts with you and moves out from there. What small thing would make your day or someone else’s day just a little bit better? We can play angels.

The new moon in Virgo (7°48') is on Saturday, August 30 at 12:58 PM PDT.

Aries: Discipline, Aries. What does that mean to you? There’s a lot of potential to be tapped. This new moon suggests you call upon your most mature and sophisticated self. Not to sound over-serious, only to say that you’re in a place of incredible personal potential (as usual) but you could really create something long lasting if you meet the occasion and all the right people with a sincere sense purpose and commitment. Bring all your experience to bear.

Taurus: Ah ha! You’re making a break through Taurus. All the Virgo activity maybe is revealing clearly what’s holding you back, what's gotta give as opposed to what you should continue to count on. Go with the changes! Bust out! Bloom! Likely you’ve been puzzling over what to do for a while. Ruminating in that steady thoughtful way of yours. So if anyone can move forward with confidence, it’s you. The new and the beautiful are looking for you too.

Gemini: Keep doing what your doing. Follow through. I picture you in some multitasking circus mode. One you and a gazillion tricks, details, costumes puzzles and amazing feats in some complex choreography. You’re in that zone. Trust the actions and momentum you’ve set in motion at this point. Have confidence in your Gemini ways. We’ll watch and wonder. Focus on what’s in front of you and then the next thing. Then the next. One thing at a time should keep you from losing your grip if it gets really hectic. No hurry. New moon is calling your attention to home, family, and mom.

Cancer: It’s deep Cancer. How deep does it go? This new moon has got you thinking. You’re so cute when you’re pensive. And you’re looking for some continuity. I’m thinking now’s a good time to get to know your roots/routes. Where you come from. How you got here. The big epic picture. Maybe a new little altar to keep you company at home? Something tangible to help you bring it all together, sort it out– help you to remember what keeps you going in a good way and what’s just extra baggage.

Leo: New eyes Leo. This new moon brings some renewed innocence in the world. How refreshing! How gentle. How lucky you are that everything could reappear so uncontrived, it’s place and purpose just so. It’s not a na├»ve perspective. Very well informed actually. You’re allowing yourself a wise trust in the great little workings of the world. It’s giving you some brilliant ideas, new inspiration, further insight. Enjoy the wonder.

Virgo: Apples and oranges, Virgo. Apples and oranges. Consider difference. What, below the surface, really matters and what is merely cosmetic. Compare and contrast. How can different things go well together? How can we learn from holding difference together? Or when must we discriminate and decide– one or the other? What serves its best purpose where? This one? Or that one? Here? Or there? Rhetorical questions, I know. You may have to make some tough calls– differences and decision, but for now you could get away with just studying the options. Analysis and the phenomena of difference and non-difference.

Libra: Coming together. Slowly but surely things are falling into place! Inside and out. Venus, Mercury, and Mars are so working for you. So much possibility at your fingertips. All the action still left in Virgo is kind of like cleaning up after a wild cosmic party. It’s a promising situation. A calm after storms. Optimum results will require all your skills of dynamic equilibrium. Keep it light. Do your dance. Flexible. Thoughtful. Lovely. We’re watching. Taking notes even.

Scorpio: On the outside looking in? You’re holding yourself back from something you know you deserve. What is it? Don’t be too quick to blame others or unfortunate circumstances for standing between you and your little desire. You’re too independent and resourceful for that. Consider the possibility that you are deserving. Give yourself permission. Say, “I’m allowed.” You’re allowed. It’s a start. No one and nothing is really in your way but you.

Sagittarius: Your hands are full Sag. You’re rich. Seems like you’ve got it all, but– now what? This new moon is making many years of achievement very clear. Top of your game, but... If you’re feeling a bit stuck, nervous, or unsatisfied– let me encourage you to light some fires. Free up some energy. Change a few forms. Take some risks. Risk, not caution, is what got you where you are in the first place, right? Your derring-do. Why stop now?

Capricorn: Time to take a trip, Cap. Inner space is calling and the air fare is free! I encourage you to get some quality quiet time this new moon. Tune in. Way in. You’ve got goals, people, places, things– of course. However, the who, what, where, when, how... all those necessary details must follow the why. Why are those your goals? Answer that and the rest might follow more easily. Patience. Silence.

Aquarius: Hmmmm. Just don’t go there. Not that far. It’s not necessary. You know that. It’s neither helpful or healthy. It’s keeping you from moving forward, which is what you’d really like, which is maybe what is most frightening. So know what you know, learn what you’ve learned. Then take the next step. Forward. Beating yourself up is getting you nowhere, only holding your brilliance back. Gentle works just as well. Make it a new song.

Pisces: A little twisted Pisces. Whatever you’re looking for is not in your head. The issue is just getting cluttered up in there. Better maybe to try and get out of your head. Open up if you’re feeling stuck. All your senses. Every channel. You don’t have know or think anything. Try letting some new information, new influences in, without over thinking it. Relax. Also, try to put yourself out there. Nothing big, but get the juices flowing. Start small. Your closest friends and family, those trustworthy and enduring relations provide a safe place for you to gain some perspective by letting go.

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Elizabeth Travelslight is an October Scorpio with a Gemini rising and a Virgo moon. She has been studying tarot and astrology since 1996. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she has a B.A. in Pure Mathematics from the University of California at Santa Cruz and almost has her M.A. in Communication, with an emphasis on poetry and contemporary philosophy, from the European Graduate School in Saas Fee, Switzerland.

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” I feel like most of you readers are pretty savvy folks who don't need "how-to" horoscope instructions. But here is a friendly disclaimer...

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